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Electric shock


Three months ago I told you that we had a new electricity meter. You may recall that the meter is connected to a device in the kitchen which shows us how much energy we are using every 15 seconds. A bright green, amber or red light alerts us when our electricity use gets higher. Since […]

Sitting tight


There was an outbreak of train rage on the way to London this morning. A silent elbow nudging battle erupted into verbal aggression in the seat across the aisle. I was worried that there would be fisticuffs, but it subsided into harrumphing and grumpy rustling of newspapers before it came to blows. The rest of […]



It’s my birthday soon. My son would like to give me a present. He told me what I need to do… I’ve just searched on Amazon for a book that I want and checked that there is a copy in stock. Then I emailed him a link to the relevant page and used my credit […]

The bright sunlight shamed me. I looked at the Winter debris scattered across the lawn. How can a garden get so untidy when no one has been using it? There were twigs and small branches all over the grass, piles of leaves scattered around the edges, yellowing moss, feathers and muddy patches in the middle […]

Park life


When it comes to parking, Mrs R is the most law-abiding person I know. She always parks in the permitted places, buys a ticket and leaves before the ticket expires. Which is why I was surprised when, after my music exam (it was ok, thanks) I returned to the car where she had parked it […]

Testing time


I haven’t taken an exam for about 25 years. Today I’m taking a Jazz saxophone exam. The last time I took a music exam was nearly 40 years ago, when I was seven years old. I hated it. That’s probably why I am so nervous this morning. I’ll let you know how it goes.

“Lemons,” said my twelve-year-old daughter,”and guavas”. Excited by the imminent arrival of Spring I had foolishly asked the family which vegetables I should plan to grow this year. “Vegetables,” I reiterated, “not tropical fruit. I can’t grow tropical fruit due to the garden’s position on the globe.” “Spaghetti”. I sighed and made my own list, […]