Drain man


The rain had just stopped as I walked through Cambridge at lunchtime. In front of me a man in a smart suit strode along swinging his furled golf umbrella.

It was the bit-too-large sort of umbrella that gets decorated with eyeballs in a busy street. I expect it carried a corporate logo and had been obtained as a gift during a hospitality event.

He looked very confident. The crowds parted to let him through.

The fat tip of his umbrella wedged in the narrow grille of a pavement drain. For a moment he carried on oblivious… Then the brolly yanked him back in mid-stride like a hefty rottweiler smelling fine dung. He pivoted involuntarily on one foot and came to a juddering halt, one arm outstretched in front and the other gripping the handle of his corporate gift.

A number of passers-by giggled.

2 Responses to “Drain man”

  1. If I had of been there I too would have stood and giggled. Just the sort of thing that makes me giggle.

  2. Presumably a certain AR was one of those?

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