Left-handers reclaim the page


.tnaw ew fi tfel ot thgir morf etirw nac eW .dlrow dednah-thgir eht ot mrofnoc ot evah t’nod elpoep dednah-tfel taht detnemmoc F ydnA

.skool ti naht redrah tol a s’tI

.ti ot desu gnitteg m’I utB

No smudges!

9 Responses to “Left-handers reclaim the page”

  1. 1 Sarah

    Surely you should still have started at the top though!

  2. 2 Mrs R

    I’ve already pointed that out to him, Sarah, and I wasn’t thanked!

  3. 3 Ann

    p d g t u t i
    l o e o s o t
    e n t o e
    a ‘ d
    s t

  4. 4 Ann

    Damn. The formatting went when I submitted.

  5. 6 Mrs R

    I think that’s the problem Alex had! That’s the trouble with computers – they think they know best.

  6. 7 David Allen

    I like the ironic typo in the penultimate paragraph. One for the nerds! (Or is it just me?).

    My wife tells me I have had too much time on my hands since leaving Aviva, Alex – I should point her in your blog’s direction as proof it isn’t only me!

    • David – The devil makes work for idle hands.

      It’s good to know that you are working for a cause 🙂

  7. 9 Camilla

    Perhaps you could set your blog up to format like Hebrew? Working on multi-lingual versions of Aviva World as I do, I’m very interested in how other languages work online and in print. In Budapest recently I was interested to find a range of tourist guide in different languiages including Hebrew which started at the back and worked forward, with the pages all the other way around and everything.

    Fortunately Hebrew is not one of our current languages. Russian is the worst for me (I’m sure you’d find it a doddle Alex), although speakers of other Slavic languages tell me it’s quite easy once you get used to the Cyrillic and Hungarian is the really impossible one.

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