…and the Miracles


The bright sunlight shamed me. I looked at the Winter debris scattered across the lawn. How can a garden get so untidy when no one has been using it? There were twigs and small branches all over the grass, piles of leaves scattered around the edges, yellowing moss, feathers and muddy patches in the middle and cracked fragments of cement on the patio.

I blame the birds. The little ones keep lifting up the leaves and chucking them about, the pigeons dislodge twigs whilst they are fornicating in the trees and the crows… Well, everyone knows how intelligent crows are. They have been seen using tools under experimental conditions. Most of the mess in the garden is almost certainly due to crows using tools, probably to do experiments.  They have used a saw to cut down small branches and the cracked concrete around the drain covers suggests that they have access to an angle grinder.

So I made a bonfire.

I can only make a bonfire when the wind is from the east or north-east. Otherwise the smoke will blow into the neighbour’s houses or into my house. The wind this morning was perfect. I gathered up the sticks and feathers and leaves and piled them into a smoking heap. The smoke billowed away in a harmless direction and Mrs R, who came out ready to harangue me for lighting a fire near the washing line, had to leave me unchided.

Disappointingly I did not have anything to cook. We didn’t need any baked potatoes or hedgehogs wrapped in clay and the pigeons and crows were all hiding.

One Response to “…and the Miracles”

  1. At least you have a garden :p mine put’s everyone to shame! we’ve not touched it since we moved in, so it’s basically a little bit of top soil, sand and weeds! and that’s it. A nice little path around the edge and a tiny patio 😉

    Thankfully a nice man came round at the weekend and gave us a quote to actually give us a garden!! then I can send hubby to be out this time next year to clean it, not sure about letting him construct a bonfire!!!!

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