Testing time


I haven’t taken an exam for about 25 years. Today I’m taking a Jazz saxophone exam. The last time I took a music exam was nearly 40 years ago, when I was seven years old. I hated it. That’s probably why I am so nervous this morning.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 Responses to “Testing time”

  1. I took Clarinet Grade 1 many moons ago. My GCSE’s and A Levels were not as nerve jangling as that music exam was.

  2. 2 Camilla

    So, how did it go?

  3. Thank you for asking, Camilla. It went better than I expected (but I won’t be quite sure of that until I get the results). The formal stuff – scales and aural bits – was a bit ropey, but the pieces and improvisation seemed good to me. I think you can get away with a few wrong notes in jazz…

    The best thing was the acoustics in the exam room which made me sound so much better than in real life.

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