Park life


When it comes to parking, Mrs R is the most law-abiding person I know. She always parks in the permitted places, buys a ticket and leaves before the ticket expires.

Which is why I was surprised when, after my music exam (it was ok, thanks) I returned to the car where she had parked it and found a parking ticket stuck to the windscreen.

I was particularly surprised because I had been with Mrs R when she parked the car, read the notice about parking, bought a ticket from the machine for the correct time and put it on view on the dashboard. In fact I could see the ticket through the glass behind the penalty notice as I approached the car… The ticket that was lying face down showing a ticket-sized advert, not dot matrixed details of when our allotted time would expire.

Oh dear.

Mrs R will complain. She certainly complied with the spirit of the regulations and it was unfortunate that the ticket blew upside down when she shut the door. It was also unfortunate that Norwich City Council do not provide parking tickets with adhesive strips for sticking unambiguously to the window.

Mrs R will complain, but without making too much fuss. She does not like to draw attention to herself. She is not someone who would have a cherished number plate on her car for example.

Unlike the driver of a very large car parked on the zig zag lines outside my daughter’s school later that same afternoon. The zig zag lines which signify no parking and are painted on the road outside every school in Britain to help protect children from thoughtless drivers. The zig zag lines which if parked upon should lead to a fixed penalty ticket for the lazy and inconsiderate driver who selfishly chooses to put children’s lives at risk in order to avoid walking perhaps 20 metres from the vacant free parking space just around the corner. The sort of driver who evidently does not care a hoot for the safety and convenience of others and chooses instead to trumpet their importance in a car the size of a generous shed with a number plate so personal as to make it impossible to forget.

Yes, driver of E7RAK, carefully (and perhaps illegally) formatted to read EZRA K, it’s you I’m talking about.

Not that I am angry about the injustice of life.

6 Responses to “Park life”

  1. 1 Andy F

    I’ve just replace my written off Mazda 6 with a Volvo V70. Volvo being the thoughtful people they are provide a small plastic clip at the edge of the windscreen in which to slip Pay & Display Tickets, sticky or otherwise.

    Maybe there is a market out there for a budding entrepreneur to sell a little adhesive windscreen pad to hold Pay & Display tickets.

  2. 2 Andy, Aviva, Perth

    Or just place the ticket carefully, correct side up, on the top of the dash board so it’s visible to the traffic warden. No sticky marks on the windscreen from adhesive tickets.
    Just be careful if you put a sun screen up (in the summer of course) that the ticket is still visible.

  3. 3 Ann

    Even my Skoda (yes, Skoda, I admit to owning one) has a handy plastic clip for tickets. Must cost about 2p to produce, and really useful.

    Mrs R should complain to your vehicle supplier about lack of attention to detail. They probably won’t like being told a Skoda does something better than your car, and should grovel satisfyingly.

  4. 4 David Allen

    Living opposite a school, I see this behaviour regularly. Some people seem to think the zig zag lines, pavements, double yellow lines and my driveway actually say “reserved parking for ignorant parents”. Park legally and maybe the extra 50 metre walk the kids would have to “endure” would help with all this obesity. I’ll bet all of us used to walk or get the bus to school… 😉

  5. What is it with these legless kids that can not walk to school? I always walked to school, to every single one I went too!
    My Mum & Dad have the problem with parents parking down their street first thing in the morning and then at 3:30 onwards. I think may residents have taken to leaving notes on windscreens!

  6. perhaps cars should be supplied with two little clips, one on the inside for parking permits and one on the outside for when parking is not permitted…

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