Card not present


It’s a bit late to ask, but did you enjoy Valentine’s day?

Because we were due to go on holiday I had planned ahead. I purchased a sincere-but-mildly-ironic card (like many men I use comic irony to avoid appearing over-emotional and soppy) and a small gift that I knew would be welcomed. Then I concealed the package in a place that I would be bound to remember when I packed to go away.

Shortly after leaving the house for the airport I remembered that I had forgotten the tokens of my everlasting and passionate love, which were still in the place that I was bound to remember when I packed my case.

Never mind, I’ll get something equally sincere and meaningful at the airport, I thought.

Heathrow was heaving. The queues at every shop (except the really expensive ones – and it’s the thought that counts, not the value of the gift) were far too long for my impatient nature (despite my everlasting and passionate commitment to Mrs R).

Never mind, I consoled myself, I’ll get something at the airport when we arrive.

At Helsinki airport every single item was Moomin-themed and insufficiently ironic/sincere.

Valentine’s day dawned. Mrs R gave me a properly printed card with one of her own brilliant photos and a loving message, accompanied by a carefully chosen and thoughtful gift.

I gave her… a hug.

2 Responses to “Card not present”

  1. Awww! how sweet. Surely the hug was better than nothing? plus she had the present to go home to!

    As you may have seen from my waffling on my blog we did nothing at all, not even a card!

  2. 2 Fiona

    Personally I think that Valentines day is a made up occasion to extract lots of money from people. Luckily hubby agrees.

    In our house 1 son agreed with his girlfriend that they would do nothing, 1 daughter agreed with boyfrind that they would do nothing (I think both pairs must have been skint),
    1 daughter had a major falling out with a male frined (note not boyfriend) when he bought her 2 charms when she had specifically said she wanted nothing and she did not give him anything in return
    and the youngest son spent at least 4 months pocket money on a Tiffanys charm for his girlfriend (who is professing undieing love for him – not sure it will last as they are 13 and 14 lol)

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