Thank you to Mike-whose-name-I-will-never-forget-again for drawing my attention to the new laptop called Alex.

This looks like a handy piece of kit. Robust, functional but not extravagant, practical with a hint of style, cheap to run and easily manipulated… I’ve no idea why they called it Alex, but it has got me thinking.

Apple (them again) might have started the trend with a computer called Mac, a sensible name, familiar but respectful with a whiff of Scottish common sense. They went off the rails with their first hand-held tablet device in the early nineties – Newton. That was a bit too smart…Apple…Newton – they were probably trying to bring some gravity to the market, but it just fell on its head.

There is a TV channel called Dave in the UK and a TV channel called Jim in Finland. Perhaps this is because it has become too difficult to think of new original names that are free from copyright and trademarks (it can’t be because people are more likely to switch to a channel that reminds you of someone you once met – surely?).

Meanwhile on Facebook and Gmail all the normal names have been used up and real people are having to be ever more inventive to give themselves a unique identity.

I hope that Alex starts a new naming convention for computing devices and their peripherals. I’m sure that there are plenty of sensible, common names which could be used without infringing trademarks. I’m already looking forward to… a disk drive called Simon, a universal mains adaptor called Ralf, a printer called Susan, a phone called Raj and a memory-stick called Mike.

One Response to “Eponyms”

  1. 1 Andrew

    Screen called … aDell … this could go soooo far wrong :o)

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