North 67 deg 44’ East 24 deg 05’


You might have thought that my absence from this page was because I had been called to join the British team in Vancouver.  But, sadly, the phone didn’t ring, so after a long, cold winter we took a short break in the Arctic. There was no sign of rain, dear. It was too cold for that.

The confusing thermometer in the photo is calibrated in minus degrees celsius.

I now know what I look like after spending 6 hours outside at minus 30 degrees C.  It’s not pretty.  Those are the eyes of a man who has been slogging on cross country skis for the last 28 km and realised that the team in Vancouver are better off without him.

One Response to “North 67 deg 44’ East 24 deg 05’”

  1. 28k cross-country skiing is quite a bit of effort in anyone’s books. Unless your name is Dario Cologna or Marit Bjoergen or course…

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