New material


Corduroy is a hardwearing and comfortable weave of cloth ideally suited to warm trousers at the relaxed end of the smart casual spectrum. Some people, usually university lecturers, wear jackets of this fine material (I had one when I was 12 – I wasn’t employed by a university, but I thought it was smart – I was a well-dressed child, but lonely and mocked).

It also turns out that corduroy is used to describe the ridged paving that you find at the top of steps or the edge of station platforms. The ridges are there to give visually impaired people a warning of the imminent hazard. In my experience the ridges can also discourage skateboarding, roller skating and street bowls.

I had never heard the term corduroy paving until I read about the pedestrianisation of a street in London, where corduroy would be used to help segregate the cars and the people.

At first I thought it meant that the street was going to be carpeted with a comforting layer of trouser material. This would be wonderful. I think we should start a Facebook group to campaign for urban upholstery. If streets were lined with corduroy we could all go barefoot. The money saved on shoes and foot-related healthcare could be used to pay for the material through a new sole tax or toe tariff. Traffic would be quieter, cyclists could glide smoothly and at lunchtime in the city you could lie down anywhere for a stress-busting nap.

4 Responses to “New material”

  1. I love the idea of being able to lay down in the street for a stress busting nap, I think you should start that facebook group!

  2. 2 John

    You always knew when it was time to replace your corduroy trousers when the cord bit had been completely eroded away on the inside of your thighs!!!

    Now have the problem of the cord bit wearing away on the pocket where the phone goes – that’s technology for you.

  3. 3 Camilla

    and there would be lots of employment for people with silent vacuum cleaners, or even better those special gadgets you use to get cat hair off velvet.

    I think it’s a wonderful idea. You could also provide deep upholstery around lamp-posts for people who keep walking into them while texting or Blackberrying.

  4. 4 Mark

    Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see the pavement repaired with leather patches like those favoured by Teachers when cables have to be laid etc.

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