Am I the first person to notice that the Apple logo and the Ann Summers logo are very, very similar?

There is probably more to this than meets the eye. I have long suspected that Steve Jobs must have a lucrative sideline, as well as his mainstream business. I’m guessing that the Ann Summers franchise is where he makes the big money. He is obviously quite well off because he is wearing a new pair of jeans every time I see him on video.

Both logos involve an apple. The Apple apple has one bite out of it. But, ha, the Ann Summers fruit has at least two bites. You can tell which one is tastier.

I’ve always liked the Apple logo with its crisp but juicy reference to original sin and the sweet-talking serpent leading mankind into temptation. One minute Adam and Eve were walking around naked, the next moment they were flashing their new MacBooks, not speaking and at it like knives on Facebook and Twitter.

Ann Summers on the other hand is more subtle. There is not a computer to be seen in their shop window. They lure the customer with more wholesome pursuits and a fine range of lightweight leisurewear. It’s not somewhere to shop for electronic gadgets…

Actually, now I think about it. The Ann Summers fruit logo might be a cherry.

8 Responses to “Edentical”

  1. The Ann Summers logo is a strawberry I believe.

  2. I’d say it’s an apple. My colleague next to me also agrees with me (we’ve just google image searched it)

  3. 3 Graham

    The logo is not a fruit as such, it’s heart shaped and red. it could be an apple but equally it could be a strawberry.
    Also I’m reliably informed Ann Summers do sell electronic gadgets, but none of them have wifi. apparently

  4. I’m sticking with the it looks like an apple theory!

    Maybe wifi electronic gadgets will be their next move, seems unlikely and I would not even want to contemplate how it would work…..

  5. 5 ben

    I believe Ann Summers devices employ a haptic interface 😉

    • Am I the only person who had to look up “haptic”?

      (computer science) The study of the use of touch in order to produce computer interfaces that will allow users to interact with digital objects by means of force feedback and tactile feedback. [with thanks to Answers.com]

  6. 7 David Allen

    Just catching up on your posts – sorry to be a week behind! Just tried Becky’s google image method and got an i-Full (Steve Jobs can pay me a patent fee on that one). Hastily found an image with just the logo in.

    Obviously Apple tends not to have user-replacable batteries on their products, which could cause severe frustration to Ann Summers customers. Apparently.

    I think there is a bit of the Santander logo in there too (with colours reversed) – what an unlikely merger those 3 companies would be, but with massive cross-sell opportunities.

    • “i-Full” – I like that!

      Let’s not rule out the Apple-Santander-Ann Summers merger. It makes strategic sense. Perhaps we could start a shareholder action group…?

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