Wota mota


I walked into town. Outside the chemist a small crowd had gathered. An elderly lady in a newish Toyota was manoeuvring into one of the parking places facing the shops. No one wanted to walk in front of the car as it faced the pavement. We all paused politely, waiting for the unexpected surge forward into Boots’ window display.

In business schools around the world you can hear pencils being sharpened as they prepare to write the latest case study in ‘how to handle a disastrous product recall crisis’.

Many years ago I owned a Toyota. The accelerator was fine. At the time it was the quickest car I had ever owned and I made full use of its lively character (well I was younger then and not as wise as I am now). But the children did not share my appreciation.

One day, the youngest child at the time muttered as I strapped her into the car seat, “I don’t like this toy Ota. When are we going to get a real Ota?”

2 Responses to “Wota mota”

  1. 1 Karl

    Just imagine the conversation with my wife on Monday when she proudly announced that the order for our new car had gone through.

    Uh Huh…. A Prius…

    She was in the US, and weirdly the ‘the Prius has issues too’ stories hadn’t arrived there…

    Oh Joy….

  2. Apparently it’s fine if you don’t use the brakes.

    You should be ok 🙂

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