Steamy story


Mrs R was out for the evening, so I sneaked a go with the new, high tech steam iron. Despite not having had the mandatory safety briefing and operating instructions.

I loaded it with iron-fuel and… what fun! It squirts a very satisfying jet of steam. This must have been what Lady Gaga had concealed in her set at the Grammys.

I spent several minutes puffing steam at the floor, ceiling and my leg (my word it’s hot! I won’t be using it to get the wrinkles out of my forehead). Then I simulated a moon landing on the ironing board and decided that this is what they did in all those 1960’s science fiction films. Finally I wondered what an iron would look like if Steve Jobs re-invented it – an i-Ron – much flatter and wi-fi enabled with only one button, costing a lot more than you might expect.

After that I pressed my shirt.

5 Responses to “Steamy story”

  1. Mmm how strange, I myself have just purchased a new iron but have yet to use it!! oooh the excitment.

  2. 2 Kinnesswood Sue

    Only YOUR shirt? No ‘i-ron’ing of anything for Mrs R or any of your ‘little ‘R’s’? tut tut.

    • Sue – the ‘little’ Rs are all big enough to iron their own clothes. If they were ever bothered. But creased is fashionable.

  3. 4 Mrs R

    I had in fact already done the ironning but Alex’s shirt had got crumpled again in the wardrobe owing to the fact that over the years he has bought several new shirts but has yet to throw one out. The fact that they get crumpled again as soon as he forces them into the wardrobe doesn’t usually bother him – basically he just wanted to play with the new iron.

  4. Haha I love Mrs R’s comments. Brilliant….!

    I can’t see my other half wanting to play with the new iron some how… I am a slave to the ironing! :p

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