Flight attendant


“But why were you flying it out of your bedroom window?” I asked my son as he held the base of ladder. The damp chill of Boxing Day morning made the aluminium rungs very cold and slippery.

Holding the rake in one chilled hand and wobbling at the top of the ladder I managed to dislodge the small, remote-controlled helicopter from the roof tiles.

“It would have been OK,” he said, ”but there was more of a cross wind than I thought.”

Gingerly I slipped and rattled my way back down the ground, comparing the relative risks of climbing to the roof with yesterday’s experience of sitting in a room with six other people and a low flying model helicopter.

Fortunately the aviation dangers had been put into perspective by the earlier fire hazards. Our festive table featured a Lady Gaga-themed Christmas cake complete with multi-coloured candles as well as a blue-flamed pudding ignited with the heated remains of the cooking brandy. Naked flames at the dining table have always made me nervous since the incident with a fleece sweater during a candlelit dinner in a restaurant.

Christmas can be stressful. And fun.

2 Responses to “Flight attendant”

  1. 1 Onlyparent

    Bride’s father says “Sorry, but I’d have sent son up the ladder. Nothing like learning from experience!”
    No brandy incidents on our Xmas table, nearly no bread sauce either…

  2. 2 Jane

    My son had one of those helicopters too, good fun but some hairy moments with it hurtling around the lounge. while serving up dinner for 13. I blame my husband completely for his traditional last minute Christmas Eve shopping expedition ! I think men buy these remote control
    gadgets for themselves really and just pretend they are for their sons !! Are you guilty as charged Alex ?

    Have a great New Years Eve, looking forward to more amusing tales in next years blog. Happy New Year

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