Softly falling


Snow falling in London is best enjoyed from a window. Preferably high up. At street level it is just wet and cold, but there is enchantment in watching snow falling against a backdrop of dark Victorian brickwork.

The mood in the office changed the moment that someone glanced out of the window and said “Oh, it’s snowing!”

Suddenly we were all comrades together, feeling brave and cheerful in the face of adversity. Like Captain Scott, but with the Central Line, and Starbucks on every corner.

When it was time to go home the snow had turned to rain. No one was smiling by Oxford Circus.

4 Responses to “Softly falling”

  1. Of course, that was the point in the day I left the office, and battled through the blizzard past St Pauls and across the Millennium Bridge in search of Christmas cards. During this expedition I did spot a little bit of camaraderie amongst the group of people in pyjamas.

  2. 3 Becky Stafford

    I don’t understand why people get so excited about snow? when snow starts to fall generally speaking my face will be very similar to an expression worn by those in Oxford Circus during the rain.

    Bah Humbug!

  3. Aww Becky! What’s not to like about snow? It can make the ugliest view look pretty. It’s only temporary. It tastes like low calorie ice cream. It slows down the traffic. It changes people’s mood. etc etc

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