Res publica


Has a committee ever achieved world domination in anything?

I was pondering this question tonight, whilst thinking about a business challenge. I couldn’t come up with any convincing examples of long-term, far-reaching dominance by committee in any sphere of human endeavour.

Perhaps China will prove the exception. Maybe the Soviet Politburo was a pretty good try. What about the senate of ancient Rome…?

“That’s good,” I concluded. It reinforces my theory that somewhere on the path to success you have to meet a leader. Or be a leader. Markets led by committees tend to mediocrity.

Satisfied with my reasoning I put aside my laptop and picked up the newspaper. The result of the X-factor final dominated the first few pages.


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4 Responses to “Res publica”

  1. 1 Camilla

    Monetary policy perhaps? Which may not feel like world domination in the James-Bond-villain-operating-from-a-defunct-volcano-with-20,000-orange-clad-henchmen sense, but is probably even more influential.

    There was an interesting item in New Scientist about the ideal size of a committee to achieve world domination. It concluded the number had to be less than 20 and within that, eight was the worst possible number. See

  2. I think that to suggest that x-factor is anything other than an autocracy led by simon cowell is, at best, optimistic…

  3. was Simon Cowell in the Politburo? ;¬)

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