White Christmas


I’ve been doing some painting. White gloss, not fine art.

Thousands of years of human evolution and no one has invented a good way to clean paintbrushes. Where has all the creative energy of mankind been directed? It is the end of the Jedwardian age for heaven’s sake and I’m still cleaning my paintbrush like the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists.

White Spirit gives me a headache (to smell, not drink. It tastes horrible.) and the latex gloves make my hands itch. I have little spots of white paint on my glasses. It is like living in a snowscene.

ps I have pinned an advent calendar on my blog wall. You can only click once a day. I will place a link on the home page as soon as I have worked out how – hopefully before Christmas.

3 Responses to “White Christmas”

  1. 1 JGodard

    How to clean paintbrushes:
    Rinse in white spirit
    Then wash thoroughly in bowl of soapy water.
    Easy, no?

  2. 2 John

    Buy cheap ones and then bin them afterwards.


  3. JG – exactly my point. Too many steps in the process.

    John – tempting. Not very green, is it? Unless I make my own disposable brushes with frayed birch twigs or pigeon feathers…

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