Ho ho ho


On the outskirts of a local village there is a hand-painted sign advertising the Christmas Fayre which will take place next weekend. Next to the sign there is a life-size effigy of Father Christmas dressed in the traditional red and white with a pained expression beneath his beard.

He is probably grimacing because he is trussed to a telegraph pole, like a festive hostage. His ankles, and waist are bound loosely to the pole but he remains stoutly upright because there is a tight cord around his neck. If he relaxes his knees he will strangle himself.

Norfolk people have always been wary of strangers. It is good to see local traditions blended with Christmas Spirit.

I expect that the vandals will get him first.

2 Responses to “Ho ho ho”

  1. 1 Kinnesswood Sue

    My uncle has lived in Brunei for the last few years, he was somewhat surprised the first December he spent there, when he saw in a shop window, wait for it … Father Christmas’s nailed to crosses (clearly the locals hadn’t quite grasped our Christmas traditions)!

  2. Surely the correct plural would be “Fathers Christmas”?

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