Avoiding I contact


To have no friends on Facebook, a blank page on Tumblr, a blog with no links, Flickr pages with no pictures and a Twitter feed without followers should be the aim of anti-social networkers.

There are already several sites for shy people and the pathologically anti-social. Try Isolatr, Introvertster and Snubster. I had a quick look at them all and moved on before anyone tried to talk to me.

None of them were quite the home I was looking for. There is still a niche to fill for those who are seeking conspicuous isolation. It obviously needs to be a website with a missing vowel somewhere in the title (otherwise it will not be a proper ‘networking’ domain).

I almost registered the ULR http://www.misanthrpy.com last night, but then I realized that http://www.covntry.com would by the best place to send the anti-social networkers.

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