Tumble rumble


Just when I’d started getting to grips with Twitter, another time-gobbling social media next-big-thing arrives on my radar.

Tumblr is the place to be now that Twitter and Facebook are cluttered up with the middle-aged middle classes stalking their former schoolmates and spying on their children… Yes, we didn’t grasp MySpace in time, but our arrival on the social networking scene – possibly delayed by a pointless foray down the cul-de-sac of Friends Reunited – has triggered a youth migration across the nodes of the net to shake off the zeitgeist assassins of the minus one generation.

But age can outwit beauty. We’ve still got time to register at Tumblr and start building sensible semi-detached conversational homes on the cyber real esate while the young people are still trying to choose a cool enough profile photo and figure out which poles go where on their e-tipis.

Let’s reclaim the servers! After all someone is paying for all this free entertainment…and it’s probably us.

5 Responses to “Tumble rumble”

  1. Naturally one of the advantages of the joined-up blogosphere-o-interweb is that you can post an update in one place and it will automatically publish itself everywhere else. I even noticed an email today that said Linkedin will now incorporate my Twitter feed (if I let it). My Twitter is already linked to my Tumblr and Facebook (or is it the other way round – I can’t remember?) Not to mention my BrightKite, Xing, Goodreads, Spotify, Zattoo, Ensembli, Blogspot, Tripit, Digg and Stumbleupon.

    The increasing difficulty is where one wishes to separate one’s work life from one’s home life or vice versa. I’m now considering adopting a professional persona and a private persona. Call me Stan.

  2. 2 Camilla

    Alex, is this a passive revolution? Are you planning to register with all the cool web 2.0 sites and fill them with Nothingness? Or should there be a tumblr post that I can’t see?

    In trying to find out what the hell tumblr is, I found that on Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumblr it says “This is a website full of kids with no lives having some of the best memories” (not sure if that’s where I want to be), and also that blogs are a “now-antiquated medium” 😦 http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/chris-dannen/techwatch/what-hell-tumblr-and-other-worthwhile-questions

    • Camilla – good question. My contribution to Tumblr is just Being and Nothingness at the moment. Jean-Paul Sartre would have approved. And he would probably have approved of “kids with no lives having some of the best memories”… 🙂

  3. 4 JGodard

    Highly ironic that you only got a tumblr because you saw mine thru my twitter feed, hey?

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