Short story


Recently there was a competition to write stories on Twitter. The challenge was to write a complete story in 140 characters. I had a try, wrote a few and then forgot to enter (I’m not a completer/finisher really…).

So instead of belated twittering, I’ll share them with you here on the slow news days.

Twitter story no. 1

Daddy, Daddy we did spells today at school. You mean spelling, I said kindly. No, spells. She said. And vanished.

7 Responses to “Short story”

  1. 1 Doodle

    dammit you should have entered that was a goodun. I hope you haven’t given us the best first????

  2. 3 Andy, Aviva, Perth

    Did you use a spell checker before posting that!?

  3. I think it was Hemmingway who was challenged to write a story in less than ten words and he thought about it for a minutes and then came up with:
    For Sale, Baby Shoes, never worn.

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