My phone rang. I answered with excitement (I don’t get many calls these days). It was a wrong number.

I hung up, disappointed. And then I wondered why it is that when someone gets a wrong number their tone of voice sometimes implies that it is your fault. In fact sometimes they don’t seem to believe that you are telling the truth when you explain that you are not the person they want… Do some people still get other people to answer their phones and pretend that the caller has dialed a wrong number…? Even in these days when almost every phone shows you the number that you have called?

I prefer a quick and courteous apology. Or a good humoured chat, in the style of Alan Bennett, about how fiddly the numbers are on phones these days. Either way, if you rang me by mistake, it’s your fault. OK?

2 Responses to “Chatlines”

  1. 1 Andy, Aviva, Perth

    I’m glad to see that you’ve taken the news that “Feeling grumpy ‘is good for you'” to heart – see

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