Like a twit


When I read that Stephen Fry had renounced Twitter, I knew that my time had come.

You see I am a cautious adopter of technology. I don’t want to cut myself on the leading edge. When it comes to trends I am a surfer floundering in the choppy foam at the back of the breaking wave of fashion, out of sight of the beach. When it comes to technology fads I am a flattened hedgehog on the hard shoulder of the information superhighway after the bandwagon has gone roaring past.

So Stephen Fry’s departure from Twitter was my cue to sign up. It was a sign that the trend was moving on and it was safe for amateurs like me to use the pitch.

I signed up. I have a Twitter name. I have no followers. I haven’t tweeted yet (I don’t like to rush things). Hopefully I thought that some of Mr Fry’s bereft followers might turn to me. Eventually.

Then I read that Stephen Fry had returned to Twitter.

3 Responses to “Like a twit”

  1. 1 Simon

    Well, I have the honour of being your first follower! Its not the heady heights of Stephen Fry, but hey he had to start somewhere.

  2. 2 Becky Stafford

    Twitter scares me, I’ve not joined! I’m worried I’m not interesting enough!!

  3. 3 Camilla

    Here’s an alternative approach – sign up early on, but don’t do anything. Apparently I joined Twitter in March 2008 but didn’t start tweeting until anyone else I knew was on there, which is mostly in the past month….

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