On the insight track


Even when I am not working I am proud to say that I am exercising my finely honed skills as a corporate change agent (uh?). In a matter of moments I have detected a data error and caused a process to be changed for the better. As a consequence the foundations of British commerce are a little bit more secure…

I received an email from an “Insight Manager”, let’s call him Andy, at a national rail company. It said:

“Our records show that you recently purchased a [name of national rail company] ‘reader offer’ train ticket through your local newspaper.  We are always looking at ways to improve our offers to customers and would be very grateful if you would take part in a short survey.”

So I replied with an email which explained:

“Dear Andy,

I’m sorry to say that your records are incorrect. I haven’t recently purchased a [name of national rail company] ‘reader offer’ train ticket through my local newspaper.

I would be very happy to purchase such a ticket if there was an offer which fitted my travel plans. So I’ll keep reading the paper.”

Andy politely responded to my explanation in an email:

“Dear Mr R.,

Thank you for your email and apologies for having contacted you about this survey.  There had been an error in the download of data which resulted in customers being emailed who had not purchased a reader offer ticket.  We will be implementing a process to ensure this does not happen again.

Apologies again.

Kind regards,


See?! A whole new process will be implemented! Perhaps they will name it after me.

What does an “Insight Manager” do most of the time?

One Response to “On the insight track”

  1. Devise processes.

    On the other hand, assuming a process already existed to send the original email maybe he needs to do some reverse process engineering and deconstruct the processes.

    Having now established a relationship you could always ask Andy about any recent insights he has had…

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