The phone rang just as I started thinking about lunch, feeling particularly peckish because everything is an hour later today.

“Is it twelve o’clock?” Asked my daughter from her university room.

“Ye-es,” I said slowly.

“The clocks have gone back…right?” She continued.

“Yes, we put the clocks back last night,” I affirmed.

“Good. Thanks. Bye.”

As a parent it is good to know that you still have a role to play in your children’s lives as they grow older.

6 Responses to “Clockwise”

  1. 1 Amanda

    I think you just found the true meaning of your purpose on this planet Alex. Nice to know.

  2. 3 Becky Stafford

    Isn’t nice to know after they fly the nest they still need you for something? 😉

    I move out of home this week into my first house! must remember I can call my Mum such things in my time of need!

    • 4 alexoutside

      Becky – good luck in your new home!

      PS Your Mum will probably be sad to see you go, so you can cheer her up by popping round at unexpected times with bags of washing, or requests for money, or asking if you could have pieces of furniture, or whenever you are hungry and can’t be bothered to cook…etc She will appreciate this. 🙂

  3. 5 Becky Stafford

    Thanks Alex, I have bags of washing waiting to go! due to a local company who shall not be named “losing” our order we havw no washing machine until next weekend!! so there will be bags of washing by the truckload. I’m sure I can do turning up for feedings too..hehe.

  4. 6 tank squid


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