Teenage sicks


“From now on it can be said that plague was the concern of all of us. Hitherto, surprised as he may have been by the strange things happening around him, each individual citizen had gone about his business as usual, so far as this was possible.” (Albert Camus, La Peste (The Plague) 1947)

Swine flu has arrived.

I think.

Teenage son ticks nine out of the ten boxes on the distinctive symptoms list. And he is groaning in an appropriate manner when questioned about his health.

So I have daubed a red cross on the front door and started turning away visitors (well, my mother-in-law won’t be coming round today). The front drive is silent, awaiting the creak of the tumbril’s wheels when it comes to collect its grim load. We have stocked up on gruel and paracetamol. I hope I don’t catch it until I have had my vaccination.

Now wash your hands.

PS Do you think it is time for the word ‘tumbril’ to be revived? Perhaps as the name for one of the new generation of eco-friendly small family cars: the Kia Tumbril.

6 Responses to “Teenage sicks”

  1. 1 Michael Dagless

    For how long is it contageous, Alex? -Just wondering how long I could spin this out for at my house… you know, with the Mother in Law thing…

  2. 2 Becky Stafford

    Another Camus fan in the midst? I don’t know many people that read Camus.

    I didn’t know swine flu repelled Mothers in law, interesting!

  3. 3 Karl

    If it does, it’s not neccessarily all bad then?

  4. 4 Derek Wright

    Just finished reading (in English) L’Etranger. Swine flu pales into insignificance; it’s all I can do to refrain from slitting my wrists. Camus is not what you might call a jolly read.

  5. 5 alexoutside

    Albert Camus – the original Emo Kid. And Nobel prize winner. I’ll leave Becky and Derek to discuss his merits.

    Next week: Jean-Paul Sartre’s novel “Nausea”.

    Swine flu is still lingering around the house. It’s only a matter of time. Being and nothingness await.

  6. 6 Becky Stafford

    Camus is not something to read when you are in need of a pick me up, I do enjoy Camus though (despite the fact it does make you want to slit your wrists) my friend actually introduced me to the world of Camus whilst I was still in High School. I then went on a mission to read everything Camus that I could! L’Etranger is one of the first one’s I picked up. Indeed Alex the original Emo!!
    Next week: Jean-Paul Sartre’s novel “Nausea”. You could start a book group on here Alex :p (in between swine flu and fence painting)

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