Giant opportunity


When I travel I always carry a camera. Just in case I see something interesting which could be recorded and posted here. You can probably tell from the lack of pictures in this blog, that I don’t often see interesting things.

I pondered this as I stood open-mouthed on my hotel balcony looking out to sea this afternoon.

It was sunny and breezy. The sea stretched blue and creased to the horizon. The palm trees swayed in the breeze. Children shouted and splashed in the pool below my sixth floor vantage point.

A very large whale leapt out of the ocean in the middle of my field of vision and fell back into the water with a colossal splash.

The whale spouted, pointed its fluke to the sky and dived.

My camera was in my pocket. Waiting for something interesting to happen. Sorry.

8 Responses to “Giant opportunity”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    Never mind, your description painted a vivid picture in my mind and is almost certainly better than a photo would have been.

  2. 2 Camilla

    Even if you had had your camera in your hand, switched on and ready to go you’d probably still have missed it. I’ve list count of the number of photos I have of a splash where a dolphin had just gone back under the water.

    For a really quick reaction from a digital camera you also need an SLR, and given your famous ability to pack light I guess you weren’t carrying one of those.

  3. 3 Becky Stafford

    I’m with Mrs R very descriptive lang there! you should have been an author.

  4. 4 Andy F

    There are quite a few comments from Mrs R on this blog. I’m quite concerned for you Alex that you and Mrs R are not on speaking terms and are airing your issues in public.

    • 5 Mrs R

      Your concern for the health of our marriage is touching Andy F, but don’t worry, we air them in private too. In fact the whole family likes to engage in regular banter – you should hear us when all 6 of us get together. We are also all extremely competitive. We once had a family canoe lesson which ended with a game of canoe water polo and our instructor, the gorgeous Clark, was quite horrified at the lengths we all went to to gain possession, especially Alex despite having a 7 year old in the front of his canoe.

      • 6 alexoutside

        Oh yeah. ‘The gorgeous Clark’ – typical holiday sports instructor, skimpy sportswear, tanned muscular thighs, white of teeth, fair of face and probably thick as a brick.

        By the way Andy, the men of the family are of the strong silent type.

  5. 7 John

    I think Mrs R should start her own blog!

    • 8 Mrs R

      Unfortunately John, I am far too busy holding the fort whilst Alex goes whale-watching to write a regular blog.

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