Sunny side up


Brisbane, it turns out, does not have a beach next to the CBD (Central Business District – Australians like to acronymise). My O’Neill lycra beachwear and my thongs will probably remain in my suitcase. This is disappointing and I have made a note to research my next travel destination on a map with a larger scale than the Times Atlas map of Asia.

No one so far has mentioned cricket to me. This has never happened to me in Australia before. When I was here in 2004 I had to spend several evenings being grilled on the morality of English behaviour in the bodyline test series of 1933-2. So I paid special attention to the Ashes series this summer just in case.

I am making a list of the important differences between Australian cities and the European capitals I have visited in the last couple of years. Here it is so far:

1. The absence of dog shit (good)

2. The weather (very good)

3. The potential threat of bushfires, drought, duststorms and cyclones (less good)

4. The abundance of RCAYPs (relentlessly cheerful attractive young people) (good in parts)

5. Pedestrian crossings which whoop and drivers who courteously wait whilst the whooping is in progress (good manners)

Sport is never far from the surface here. In the street adjoining my hotel there is a cycle shop then a coffee shop then a hiking shop then a coffee shop then a running shoe shop then a coffee shop then an outdoor equipment shop then a coffee shop then a gym then a coffee shop then a skateboard and roller blade shop then a coffee…etc

I am very, very tempted to buy some roller blades. I can picture myself gliding, bronzed and lean, along the riverside walk, with thighs that would make a cardiologist smile.

Fortunately my rational instinct also allows me to imagine a middle-aged pom entertaining the coffee sipping RCAYPs by falling hard upon his RS.

10 Responses to “Sunny side up”

  1. 1 Camilla

    Aha! I note that Suncorp Group has its HQ in Brisbane. The plot thickens.

  2. 2 Camilla

    … and if you are there you clearly need to head for South Bank Street Beach –

    • 3 alexoutside

      Camilla – that’s not really a beach. It’s a swimming pool. But you can see my hotel across the river in the panoramic photo.

  3. 4 Michael Dagless

    Hi Alex. I forgot you were going to Brissie this week (I’m deliberately abr. words to promote the stereotype). Don’t fgt that you’re always wlcm to swing by to visit us on your WH (way home). There’s an SB here (spare bed) -the girls don’t mind BIT (bunking in together). And I’ve forgiven you for being the cause of my car being broken in to last time you visited.

    • 5 Michael Dagless

      Amanda has just pointed out that maybe Mrs R is reluctant to let you come to Perth on your own after last time because of that lap dancing incident.

      • 6 alexoutside

        Luckily Mrs R doesn’t know I’m blogging whilst on tour.

        I’m still cross about the car. It was your fault really for leaving the gear on view when we hit the beach with the girls.

        PS *whisper* You mean Lapp dancing. Finnish folk dancing tour. Remember?!

  4. Surely the term should be “acronymate”.
    Sorry, i’ll get my coat…

    • 10 alexoutside

      Jim – What?!… They told me it was the CIA…. Oh. Hang on…

      That explains a lot.

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