So there is water on the moon. I thought we already knew that… Tintin found ice in a cave on the moon years ago. Perhaps rocket scientists don’t read Tintin books.

It’s an exciting discovery. All sorts of new possibilities have been opened up: permanent moon bases, lunar agriculture (plenty of sunlight), production of hydrogen to make a refuelling base for interplanetary craft, moon mud facepacks, low gravity swimming pools…

But I’m most excited with one idea in particular. In fact I’d like to invest in it…

A lunar bottling plant!

There is a huge potential market for exotic bottled water. Some people already pay crazy prices for water from Fiji, from Norwegian glaciers, from Wales etc. Imagine what people would pay for bottled moon water.

Transport costs would be high. I think we can minimize these by taking a lesson from the fruit juice industry. We can dehydrate the moon water and ship it as a concentrate, before rehydrating back on earth.

I’ll be on Dragon’s Den very shortly.

3 Responses to “Moonlighting”

  1. 1 Andy, Aviva, Perth

    Just don’t let the Dragons dilute your plan too much!

  2. Actually your actual transport costs for getting the water back to earth wouldn’t be that high, the moons gravitational well being so much shallower and all, it’s the cost of getting the empty transporters back up there. Still, maybe you could charge enough for the water to fund a space elevator?

  3. 3 Becky Stafford

    A great glass elevator perhaps Drew?

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