I have visited two schools recently where they have new, curved perspex bike sheds with transparent walls. It made me wonder where schoolchildren can go to smoke and snog now.

Historically the space behind the bike sheds was a notorious vice spot, but with modern see-through walls things have changed. No wonder children have to go online for bullying and, um, relationship exploration.

The curved perspex design seems less pervasive elsewhere. I’ve noticed that many pubs, offices and various public buildings have built discreet smoking shelters that look quite like old-style bike sheds.

2 Responses to “Sheds”

  1. 1 Andy F

    My childrens school has just had two of these installed, mind you they don’t use them as they walk to school. However I hope they wil use the brand new £5million sixth form they have also just had built, along with new sports field, music room and science rooms.

  2. I have two sheds in my yard, maybe i should consider leasing the space behind them to local schoolchildren. By the quarter-hour do you think?

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