Creature of the night


This week I am telecommuting to Australia each day. Which is a lot easier than real commuting.

Last night I was in meetings through the small hours and then again first thing in the morning. I am already feeling confused about what time it is because I have to keep translating the time difference. It will only get worse.

And I have been banished to the spare room (my fingers just typed ‘spare tomb’ – which would make this a much more interesting posting as my skin grows pale and my teeth grow to become a dental curiosity) because my sleeping and waking hours are out of sync with everyone else in the house.

On the plus side, I get to sit comfortably at my computer eating biscuits in the middle of the night. Unless I’m in a video conference. Then I lean out of the camera angle when I’m eating… out of consideration for those who are seeing me magnified on a large screen.

7 Responses to “Creature of the night”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    I see you are trying to tarnish my image again. You banished yourself, so that we didn’t disturb you as much as vice versa.

  2. Telecommuting? But your LinkedIn profile says you’re not working! Are you lying to us and your family as an excuse to consume biscuits in the small hours?

    • 3 alexoutside

      Jim – thanks I’ve just updated my Linkedin profile in order to keep my biscuit habit hidden! I don’t think anyone noticed. 🙂

  3. 4 Andy F

    So, telecommuting to Australia,
    Patrick Snowball has just taken a role in Australia.
    Anything you’d like to tell us Alex?
    Does the Tax man know about your moonlighting?

  4. 5 alexoutside

    Andy – I don’t think you can moonlight if you haven’t already got a job… or do you mean working by moonlight, which is quite romantic and perhaps what the taxman is looking for.

  5. Alex, i provide the following essential guide to homeworking:
    Sadly this misses out the key first step, which is to craft a puppet of yourself that can be placed in front of the camera during video-conferences. This also allows for the in-meeting-biscuit-munching activities outlined above…

    • 7 alexoutside

      Drew – Dilbert, as always, is a role model for our times. I don’t have a puppet of myself but I have an oven glove shaped like a salmon. Should be good enough on Skype and 2Mbps broadband… 🙂

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