A way from numbers


It may be a coincidence, but here is a second consecutive posting about lottery numbers…

In Bulgaria the Sports Minister, Derren Neykov –sorry, Svilen Neykov – has ordered a review of the national lottery after the same winning numbers were drawn two weeks in a row.

The numbers, 4 15 23 24 35 42, were not matched at all in the first week, but 18 winners shared the jackpot the second time around.

I think that the Bulgarians have taken my advice and are introducing disillusion to their population. To start using the same winning numbers in the lottery every week is a stroke of genius. Eventually almost everyone will be winning (there will always be a few people who think “well they can’t possibly draw the same numbers again…surely?”). The jackpots will be small, but hey, that’s democratic.

Interestingly the GPS coordinates 42 35.24N 23 15.04E point to a grazing pasture not far from a farm building a few miles south of Sofia, the Bulgarian capital…

…Buried treasure?

4 Responses to “A way from numbers”

  1. 1 John

    Alex – what on earth made you look up those GPS co-ordinates in reverse to get to the small grazing pasture just outside Sofia? Is Mrs R not giving you enough jobs to do, or, heaven forbid, are you plagarising someone else???????

  2. 2 alexoutside

    John – no plagiarism, honest! I just looked at the numbers and thought “Hmm 42 degrees north and 23 degrees east… That would probably be somewhere in Bulgaria or possibly Serbia.” Some people can look at a UK postcode and tell you where it is, other people can look at GPS coordinates… I can only do this in Europe.

    That’s quite normal. Isn’t it…?

  3. 3 Becky Stafford

    I fear it may not be “normal” Alex, but I think it’s cool! :p

  4. My dad would agree that it’s normal but he was a surveyor for Ordnance survey so i’d suggest he’s biased.

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