Just the ticket


So TV illusionist Derren Brown correctly predicted the UK lottery numbers. Big deal. Usually at least one person correctly predicts the numbers every week. In fact last Saturday two people correctly predicted the winning numbers. I bet neither of them put in as much effort as Derren.

I think that there should be more TV disillusionists.

I propose a show in which a celebrity disillusionist goes through a complex and irrational rigmarole to select lottery numbers, assisted by members of the public. This is followed by a three minute fantasy sequence in which we imagine what could be done with the winnings. At the climax of the show the numbers are revealed to be losers. Then we all shrug with stoical empathy and say “maybe next week”.

2 Responses to “Just the ticket”

  1. 1 Becky Stafford

    Did you see the show where he “explained” how he did it? mmm. Wonder how many people will actually try it?

  2. Maybe they’ve just been filming the same footage every week since its launch and have just shown us the one where he got it right?

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