Storyline spoiler


The ‘teaser’ is a well known media device for attracting and retaining viewers/listeners/readers. It involves giving your readers a hint of something exciting to come in future episodes, for example a suggestion that something might have happened to the washing line…

A ‘spoiler’ is a well know internet phenomenon. It involves spoiling an exciting story/mini-series/film by telling the readers/listeners/viewers what is going to happen.

I happened to be planning a series of blog postings that disclosed in suspense-filled steps exactly what had happened in the ongoing (and probably never-ending) story of my clothes drying facilities.

Now Mrs R has seized the initiative and revealed her (disputable) version of events to all my blog readers without even telling me. I am not happy about this because:

a) If I try to present my version it will look as if I am just whining and

b) I’ve got to think of some other things to write about.

No wonder I don’t share my doughnuts.

4 Responses to “Storyline spoiler”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    ‘I can’t bring myself to blog about it’ is what you said regarding the washing line incident. Therefore I considered I was doing your loyal readers a favour by filling them in. Perhaps you could write about the pointless extra bolt on the bathroom door instead, or the half-painted fence.

  2. 2 Becky Stafford

    Oooooh saucer of milk to table 5. You have been told Alex, better crack on with that half painted fence. 😉

  3. 3 Fiona

    Is this an immediate family fight – or can your extended family (aka your internet blog readers) join in and add their tuppenceworth to the mix 🙂

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