Home alone


I am stuck at home waiting for a package to be delivered.

Using the online tracking system I know that it will be delivered today. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. Or some time before the 15th of the month.

The online tracking system is not very specific. It says that my package is “In Transit to Customer”. I think that this means it is in a van. I hope that it is not coming from China, as this would be slow.

Because I am stuck at home I am doing some odd jobs. Around the house.

I leave all the doors open so that I can hear the package-delivery-man and his van. Except the front door.

One odd job involves paint. The paint is in the garage.

I look out of the front window in case the package-deliver-man is about to arrive. He is not in sight.

Quickly, quickly I run out to the garage. Quickly, quickly I find the paint. Quickly, quickly I open the paint tin. Quickly, quickly I stir the paint. Quickly, quickly I run back inside the house.

I am gone for three nanoseconds.

There is a piece of paper on the front doormat, settling in the draught.


“Today we have attempted to deliver/collect a shipment at your address…”

I run outside and peer desperately up and down the road. Tyres squeal in the distance. The package-delivery-man and his getaway driver are gone.

Tomorrow I will be stuck at home. I will not be doing any jobs.

4 Responses to “Home alone”

  1. 1 Ann

    I take the view if the package is in a Ford Transit it is nearby. If it were crossing the sea, it would be in a boat, or on a plane. Or am I being too literal?

  2. What bugs me is when, having been through the above (or similar) scenario, you are left with a card telling you it is available to collect from your local depot. On browsing the internet you discover that your “local” depot is, in fact, so far away that it would have been a shorter journey to buy the item directly from the supplier’s premises.

  3. 3 Becky Stafford

    I hate waiting to collect parcels, you get the slip but then you can’t go up and collect it until the day later, it bugs me. I know it probably makes sense but it urks me! I want my parcel!!!! 😉

  4. 4 alexoutside

    Hooray. It has arrived. Delivery status online is unchanged…

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