Thigh risk


I stood in front of Mrs R. and dropped my trousers.

“What,” she said wearily, “are you doing?”

Carefully I wrapped the tape measure around my thigh.

“I’m measuring my thigh.” I said, unnecessarily. “It says here that the circumference of your thigh determines whether you will have heart disease.”

I peered at the tape.

“Oh dear… I thought as much. I’m doomed. I’ve always had scrawny thighs.”

The tape measure doesn’t lie. My thighs are too thin for survival. But there is a glimmer of hope. According to the same article my waist measurement is very healthy. Perhaps that will balance things out.

Tomorrow I will start a weight training programme. For my legs.

“Can I have the tape measure please?” Said Mrs R. standing up.

“It’s probably more accurate if you measure with your trousers off,” I suggested hopefully.

She gave me a withering look. She is probably worried that I might have a heart attack.

2 Responses to “Thigh risk”

  1. I read about this on a couple of sites but i have not yet measured my thighs as I couldn’t find a reference figure (in either sense of the word) anywhere. What is an average thigh measurement? Do i have fat thighs? Thin thighs? Are there cultural variances that effect this? Am i overly concerned?

  2. 2 alexoutside

    Drew – your thighs don’t look at all fat. Or thin. Don’t be concerned.

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