Cool character building


September. The end of a long, above-average-temperature summer. The sea temperature is, apparently, a degree or so warmer than usual at this warmest-time-of-year for sea.

So why were there so many children at the beach yesterday wearing wetsuits?

What is wrong with young people today? I went swimming and it was lovely, wearing my skimpy O’Neil lycra reinforced swimming trunks. Even when I emerged for a goose-pimpled Daniel Craig impersonation it wasn’t too chilly, despite the breeze.

I don’t agree with cosseting children in neoprene. It is a well known fact that the survival time in the southern North Sea at this time of year can be measured in hours (one or two hours anyway). They will miss out on the endorphins. And the weaver fish and jelly fish stings.

Back in Victorian times I remember waiting eagerly in the rain outside the unheated open air school swimming pool in April to see the water temperature being written up on the blackboard. If it was more than 10 degrees Celsius we were allowed to swim. That’s what made me the tolerant and good-natured man that I am today.

2 Responses to “Cool character building”

  1. 1 Phil Reeves


    Its good to see that you are chilling out and enjoying family life in Norfolk (Weaver fishes and all).

    I spent my hols with the kids at Kelling Heath near Weybourne a couple of weeks ago – it was fab, cant beat Holkam Beach on a sunny day!

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. 2 Karl

    That explains sooooooooooo much… The Daniel Craig bit I find myself a little uneasy with though…… 😉

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