Ramsey has gone. I rehomed him in the shrubbery. He seemed happy enough and scurried off with a cheerful wave of his antennae.

I’ve just noticed that a spider has moved in now. That’s what happens if you leave property vacant. There must be a waiting list.

3 Responses to “Beetlemania”

  1. 1 Camilla

    In our house, or to be strictly accurate in my parents’ house, spiders are called Horace. Unless they are immensely large and hairy in which case they are Horace’s father, or even grandfather. Smaller ones might be Horace’s nephews or children… etc etc. I don’t know why they are all considered male.

  2. 2 Amanda

    You’ll need to watch out for squatters’ rights

  3. 3 Becky Stafford

    I would imagine the bugs are now using the same system as Norwich council and Broadland whereby you can go online and ‘bid’ for a property. I guess the spider’s bid was top of the list!

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