Oh I do like to be beside


Today I dressed up as a shark, with a black cardboard fin on my back. Mrs R. was a jellyfish. We went to the beach and swam in the sea, accompanied by my son (a seahorse), daughter number 3 (a crab), cheerful Rachel (an octopus) and daughter number 1 (a shrimp).

There were many bemused onlookers. Who had been enjoying their seaside holidays. They looked on, in bemusement, as we cavorted and splashed. One of Rachel’s legs came off, but the seahorse caught it. Mrs R had trouble keeping control of her tentacles in the high wind. My fin went floppy after a few minutes. Several passing children stopped to stare. The crab was the star of the show.

These are the lengths that you have to go to in order to help your offspring find employment in a very difficult job market. The interview processes were much simpler when I was a youth.

The event was filmed. For a website. The video is being edited as I write this. I may post a link.

One Response to “Oh I do like to be beside”

  1. 1 Amanda

    Oh, if only I could have witnessed that expression of true familial love. Just as well you weren’t doing it here – there would’ve been true pandemonium at an earlier than usual shark sighting. Maybe you could try it the next time you come to Rotto?

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