One evening you are sitting on a beach listening to a jazz concert. The next evening you are unpacking the dirty washing at home and wondering where to go next year.

That is what holidays are like. Bathetic.

We went camping again… to France on a dutiful visit to see one of the children at her place of work. I’d forgotten just how much it is possible to exploit students by making them do unpleasant work for miserable pay during the holidays. The secret is to allow them to live in squalor as a gang and tolerate the parties. They have a wonderful time. I’m surprised that more companies don’t use this as an alternative to graduate trainee programmes.

When we arrived home I found that a large black beetle had taken up residence in the bath. He is called Ramsey. He appears quite tidy and not at all noisy, so I am letting him stay.

Luckily we have a separate shower.

2 Responses to “Bathos”

  1. 1 Fiona

    did he (I am assuming that he has been sexed as a male beetle and you did not just assume the sex) tell you his name is Ramsey or is this your take on his legal name, along similar lines to the way Freddie from Big Brother got his name changed to “Halfwit”? .

    Personally I am impressed by his moniker and hope we can have regular updates on Ramsey’s social life – especially when he meets a mate and mates – thus giving rise to lots of little Ramseys

    • 2 alexoutside

      I knew he was male because he was wandering around looking busy, but not actually doing anything useful 🙂

      He didn’t tell me that his name was Ramsey because beetles can’t talk.

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