Sexy games


My posting the other day titled “Swingers” has attracted more search engine traffic to my blog than anything else I have written… I suspect that a few of those people were disappointed.

In a world of competitive pressure and customer survey obsessions it is hard not to become focused on statistics. Some bloggers might think it is unprofessional to generate misleading readership numbers by using sensational headlines.

I don’t.

Newspapers also generate follow-on surges in readership by revealing their exclusive stories in instalments.

Later this week… The pictures I never wanted you to see.

Or maybe the week after.

3 Responses to “Sexy games”

  1. 1 Amanda

    well, it certainly left me disappointed. And relieved.

  2. 2 Becky Stafford

    I think I was more concerned when I saw the heading ‘sexy games’ just another ploy to get more readers Alex? 😉

  3. 3 Michael Dagless

    You’ve changed, Alex… (shaking my head in a disappointed kind of way). Your postings have all gone sensational and scandalous… Bring back “Broadsheet Alex”! 🙂

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