In the last 20 years I have drunk about 15,000 cups of coffee whilst sitting at my desk in front of my computer. Fortunately I have only spilt coffee on my computer once. Unfortunately that was this evening.

Fortunately I had just bought a 8Gb memory stick to back up all my important work-in-progress files. Unfortunately I hadn’t actually used it.

My computer is 4 year old Apple iBook. Fortunately it seems fairly coffee resistant. My good old paper notebook with all my latest jottings and ideas was on the desk next to my iBook. Unfortunately it is not coffee resistant.

Fortunately most of the pages are still legible, just a bit stained and crumpled. Unfortunately most of my jottings and ideas are rubbish, coffee or no coffee.

I knocked my coffee over because I was struggling to get the battery out of a ‘spare’ mobile phone that I keep for emergencies. Fortunately the SIM card still works after being wiped clean. Unfortunately the phone doesn’t.

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