Does anybody know a good recipe for ladybirds?… We have a surplus at the moment. And very large courgettes (or marrows as Mrs R calls them).

I’ve cycled past the beach twice this week. Each time as I approached the coast it was like speeding through polka dot hail. The air was thick with seven spot ladybirds and they were lying in drifts in the gutter, making progress a bit crunchy.

And they bite. They must be hungry having flown all the way from Holland (perhaps that is why all the Dutch people have left). It’s not a nasty bite, just a nip on the skin. But irritating when you are riding a bike.

I have found that it is best to cycle with my mouth shut in order to avoid too many low-fat high-protein crispy snacks.

In Russian I’ve just discovered that they are called “God’s Little Cow”. I’ve always known them as Bishy Barnabees, which is apparently derived from a reference to  Bishop Barnaby. So perhaps there is a religious message here somewhere.

In an attempt to decode the message I put one of the little red and black fellows on the touchscreen of my phone to see who he would txt. But he just flew away home.

4 Responses to “Coccinellidae”

  1. 1 Becky Stafford

    Good ol’ Bishy Barnabees so Norfolk lingo!! I believe there is even a street named after them. Sounds like you’re having a fantastic summer with the children and Mrs R. I’m so jealous! my brother and his friend cycled to Sherringham from Norwich the other day and he saw squillions of ladybugs.

  2. 2 Gill

    At least we don’t get _annual_ swarms, like these

    Though I bet that if head to the coast tomorrow with camera and trusty macro lens in hand, there won’t be a single one to be seen ;-o

  3. 3 Camilla

    Netherlands correspondent here 🙂 we saw very few ladybirds on our trip so I guess they are all over here in England. In fact the UK seems to have about five times the insect life of the Netherlands at the moment, and strangely they started arriving on our boat about halfway across the North Sea – what are bees, wasps and very annoying flies doing 50 miles from land?

  4. 4 Karl

    In the interests of safety (and from, litterly, bitter experince), never ride your motorcycle with you visor open through a swarm(??) of the little critters… It hurts… and they taste bloody awful… Not as painful/foul tasting as a bee, but you get the idea.

    It sounds like we are both enjoying a summer of gainful unemployment, never have I done so much camping and gardening.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the summer Alex. 🙂

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