Aztec with a camera


“Everyone has to make sacrifices when they are on holiday,” said my son, as I lamented the absence of wi-fi at the campsite.

I lay in the sun like a morose, fat, white grub, mentally composing witty and engaging blog postings. If I had bothered to write them down, you would be reading them now.

When you spend three weeks living in a small camper van and a tent with your nearest and dearest, your thoughts turn to sacrifice, like an Aztec sun-worshipper. A younger child might make a propitious and cheap offering to fend off the rain.

One other advantage of having a large family is that you can go away on a long break with the comforting thought that your newly unemployed graduate daughter will be looking after the house in your absence.

Ignorance is… a nagging doubt. If I had access to Facebook I might be able to keep an eye on things more effectively.

We returned home to a clean and tidy house. Even the box for glass bottle recycling was empty. I’m not a suspicious man, but as she chatted to her mother one or two phrases caught my attention…

“One morning I woke up and found a CD in the fridge. I don’t know where it came from…”

“…And then the smoke alarm woke me up.”

I logged on to Facebook to catch up with the real world.

3 Responses to “Aztec with a camera”

  1. 1 Doodle

    Glad you’re back – we’ve missed you.

    And errr, take it from a one-time-teenage daughter – all your suspicions are well founded!

    If my dad had had facebook, he would have been removed from my friends list – at least until I had untagged all the evidence ;o)

  2. 2 Fiona

    Glad to have you back.
    Am thinking about my 18 year old son (newly employed by Aviva) at home when we head off to Mother in Laws for a 4 day weekend.

    Is this a good idea? I know he doesn’t have facebook so hopefully we are safe from the facebook advertised parties.

    PS wasn’t aware you were old enough to have a daughter who had graduated – thought you wer confusing your family with Mr Egan

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