Secret lives


James Bond is on Facebook. He has 19 friends. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is there too, but with only 13 friends he is less popular than 007. Mahmoud is also on Linked In. When I looked at his profile it turned out that “you and this Linked In user don’t know anyone in common”.

In fact almost every secretive public figure you can imagine seems to be on Facebook or Linked In or My Space or somewhere…

I don’t know why there is a fuss about the wife of Sir John Sawers, the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, putting family details on Facebook. How else would they be able to make contact with other shadowy figures?

Right now they are probably planning a flash mob. Perhaps at a railway station or G8 summit.

Some important figures are more secretive. Facebook tells me that Vladimir Putin “only shares certain information with everyone. To learn more about Putin, add him as a friend”… He hasn’t responded to my friend request yet, but I suppose he is busy.

Of course it is possible that some of these profiles may be spoofs.

But that’s what they would want us to think.

4 Responses to “Secret lives”

  1. 1 Fiona

    James Bond was at school with my brother.
    Anthony Quinn and I share the same birthday (right down to the year.
    There was also a Steve McQueen and another Anthony Quinn in my elder sisters year.

    Don’t think any of these are the famous ones but they might have become famous in their own rights since I was in school with them

  2. My Dad, and i kid you not in any sense whatsoever, was at school with Julius and Augustus Ceasar. I’m not sure that this really has any relevance but i do like telling people about it.

  3. 4 John

    My Dad is Oswald Mosley!

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