Getting in a flap


Ten years ago when we moved into this house we discovered that it did not have a letterbox in the door. There was just a box in the porch for post and newspapers. We decided that this was not very secure and it was inconvenient when we went away because we had to ask a neighbour to collect the post, or pay the Royal Mail not to deliver it.

So we put “install letterbox” on the list of jobs to be done. In August 1999.

Today… *fanfare*… I installed a letterbox in the front door.

It was no small task. I was under a lot of pressure to get it dead centre and aligned level with the window in the door. Once I’d started cutting the hole I was committed. I waited until everyone was out in case it went wrong and I had to buy another door quickly to cover my error.

I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what the postman makes of it.

Being a high-flying executive was never as exciting as this.

4 Responses to “Getting in a flap”

  1. 1 ann at Aviva

    If your postman’s anything like mine, s/he won’t notice the new letter box at all, and leave post where it’s always been left.
    I did the reverse of you and sealed the letterbox after installing a box (so the dog couldn’t eat the post), and found it carefully unsealed and the post eaten.

    • 2 alexoutside

      Ann – you should have put the dog in the box and left the letterbox open. Problem solved.

  2. 3 Amanda


  3. I know what you mean about the level of excitement involved in cutting into stuff. A couple of days ago I fitted out my newly built utility room which involved cutting a hole for the sink right in the middle of three metres of brand new worktop. By the time I had plucked up the courage I was pretty much chanting that builders mantra of measure twice cut once!

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