Net work


Yesterday Mrs R. carefully marked out a scaled-down tennis court on the lawn. It is smaller than a normal tennis court because we are considerate neighbours and do not use next door’s drive as the baseline (also the fence would make it tricky to move to the net from a service).

I think that if we play on a miniature court we should really use miniature racquets and little balls. And play on our knees. Like table tennis Japanese-style. So I don’t play tennis much in the garden.

Because we are using the high jump poles to hold the net up, we can easily convert the court for badminton. I prefer this as I don’t like looking for the stupid ball in the shrubbery.

This evening Mrs R. challenged me to a badminton match. I rashly agreed. Badminton favours people with fast reactions. Older people, like me, have faster reactions, it is a well known fact. That is why Peter Shilton was such a good goalkeeper even when he was old enough to be Wayne Rooney’s grandad.

I lost. I reacted very quickly, but she has made the court too short for a grown up. It does not suit my attacking game.

6 Responses to “Net work”

  1. 1 Fiona

    I am assuming that you mean you played badminton before 7pm. After that you would surely have been glued to the tennis (on the full size indoor court)being shown on BBC. I make this assumption based on various facts
    1. You know what a baseline is
    2. Mrs R is obviously a fan and so would have been watching the real deal rather than playing badminton outside
    3. From what I can understand it was a bit hot and sticky down south last night so being indoors should have been cooler

    Someone should tell that young lad that he needs to concentrate from the beginning and not when he is 3 games up in the fifth – or did he just want everyone to see the spectacle that is centre court with the roof closed and the lights on?

  2. 2 Andy F

    I played tennis with son in garden last night. Our court is defined by the other objects in the garden, shrubs, trees, trampoline etc. It is also easier to have no net, it keeps the rallies going and reduces the risk of ball flying out of the garden. Having said that there is a tennis ball missing in the apple tree, yellow tennis balls blend in very nicely.

  3. 3 Sarah

    My kids have the court marked on the monoblock at the dead-end cul-de-sac behind our house. A white board is used for the scores.

    As with most streets in the UK at this time of year the children meet up every afternoon to play tennis on this. In a month’s time they’ll be on the grass practicing their chip shots for the Open.

  4. 4 Ezequiel Martin

    Congratulations for your first Badminton Test!

    I played a lot here in Spain. Lots of competitions country-wide. Eventough, some of my team-mates went to Olympics in 2004 and 2008.

    So, if you need some clases I can help 🙂

    Badminton is better than tennis, less risky, easyer for begginners. It is not so popular because the shuttlecock depends on how windy is. In my home this is a big problem :S

    Hopefully you’ll win next time.

    • 5 alexoutside

      Ezequiel – I’ll come round for some lessons next time I’m in Spain 🙂 It’s often windy here too, but that helps me!

  5. 6 Michael Dagless

    Glad to hear that you have a dedicated raquet game net and that you are not missusing the brand new clothes line. 🙂

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