Don’t cry for me


Last night Mrs R. and I went to the theatre. It turned out that Evita was not a musical homage to a popular and tasty Swedish-style crispbread. In fact it was a poignant docudrama about the life of former Argentinian president Juan Peron and his wife.

I enjoyed the show. They do like their singing and dancing don’t they, the Argentines. And they like a good military coup.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, in case you haven’t seen it yet, it suffices to say that the plot is very like Cinderella, but a bit longer and improbably narrated by a South American revolutionary leader who enjoyed a later career as a poster-child in the 1970’s.

Mrs R. and I don’t often go out together on our own, due to the high cost of bribing the children to do their own childcare. So it was a treat to visit Norwich after curfew. I especially like the fact that I can pay for my parking at the start of the evening because there is a flat rate charge in the car park after six o’clock and therefore I don’t have to queue to pay with all the other people who have just come out of the theatre. And I can use up all my loose 5p and 10p pieces in the pay machine. I feel sorry for people who don’t get out more.

Next year we are going to see Les Miserables when it tours the provinces. I expect this tragicomic musical look at the ups and downs of long-term depression to be just as entertaining.

6 Responses to “Don’t cry for me”

  1. 1 Mrs R

    I’m struggling to find the parallels with Cinderella – no wicked stepmothers, fairy godmothers, shoes or handsome princes in Evita. Did you go to sleep?

    Maybe the real reason we don’t go out that often is because you’re so cynical.

  2. 2 Andy F

    Wow, a parallel blog from Mrs R going straight to the heart of the matter, this has upped the entertainment value of your blog a few more notches.

    Meanwhile I look forward to the time in about three years when Mrs F and I can resume our theatre going activities without having to watch something aimed at an audience of under 12 year olds.

    • 3 alexoutside

      Andy – hmmm. I shall have to adjust the firewall settings on her laptop to prevent further incursions.

      Meanwhile you and Mrs F could perhaps go and see Cinderella. If you hum Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and Another Suitcase In Another Hall under your breath, you can pretend that you are having a city break in the West End.

  3. 4 Dave F


    First of all – great Blog. I always enjoyed it when you were at Aviva. Keep it up

    Secondly – Having seen Les Miserables on several ocasions (more than twice, but just less than 30!) I assure you that you will love it

    before I worked for NU / Aviva, I worked in London’s West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre (Phantom Of the Opera) as a Stage electician. I had the chance to go to The Palace theatre on numerous occasions (looking to ‘borrow’ PAT testing equipment and the like) so I got to see the show from almost every possible angle. Sometimes I even went there on my Day’s off to talk to the techies and get a glimpse of the show

    Hang on a sec…. is that a bad thing..?

    • 5 alexoutside

      Dave – Cool. What a fun job! We went to see Phantom not that long ago. The production was awesome, especially the electrical parts. I thought that the plot was very like Beauty and the Beast…

  4. 6 Michael Dagless

    If you’re like us, Alex and Mrs R, you don’t go to plays or theatre very frequently. But when you do go it’s Wow! we should do this more often!
    Amanda and I saw “The Phantom” in Perth in February and I enjoyed it but not as much as a quirky play.
    Many years ago, a buddy and I went to New York for a few days. I was looking forward to seedy bars and late night shootings on the subway but my friend was more keen on Broadway musicals. We ended up seeing three of these musicals on last minute, cheap tickets. Les Miserables was one (which is probably my favouriye). The other two were Miss Saigon (Rumpelstiltskin) and Cats (101 Dalmations).

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