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The European elections and more recently the election in Iran have raised questions about the effectiveness of a democratic process. I have been searching the web for answers…

Search Results: Voter Apathy in Europe and the Rise of the Far Right (Part II) by Nationalist Sentiment (first published 1936, Berlin).

Customers who bought this item also bought: Xenophobia (published locally), Paramilitary Vigilante Organisations (Italian and Hungarian editions now available), Loss of Minority Rights (1984).

Search Results: Iranian Electoral Reform

Frequently bought together: Press and Artistic Censorship (now out of print), Nuclear Escalation (new edition).

I would laugh about it. If it was funny.

3 Responses to “New customer? Start here”

  1. 1 Anon

    Congratulations on your thousandth blog!

  2. 2 alexoutside

    Thanks Anon. And thanks to everyone else who has encouraged me (and apologies to those who hate my blog – why are you reading?).

    One thousand postings? Is it really? I haven’t been counting. Sorry that they are not all available to view here.

    Has anyone (apart from me) read all of them?

  3. 3 Joe

    I haven’t read all of them, but most and skimmed through all when I was writing a review of your Blog ‘inside’ a while back.

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