Slipped disc


Does anyone else have trouble putting their car tax disc in the windscreen holder? I just spent five minutes trying to fish the old disc out of the narrow slit and then poke the new disc into place. It’s a tax disc holder that came with the car, so it’s probably custom fitted.

I’ve used several different windscreen mounted tax disc holders over the years. None of them have been very good. I even paid money for one from the Post Office. That was the worst of all because it kept falling off when it was sunny.

In my first car I used sellotape on the windscreen for a while. But that was only a short term measure because it went yellow and crispy (the sellotape not the windscreen) quite quickly and I had to keep a spare roll in the glovebox. I found that black plastic sticky tape was better, but made a mess by the end of the year.

In the UK it has been mandatory to display a tax disc on a motor vehicle for the last eighty-eight years. I would have thought that someone could have invented a quick, cheap and conveniently replaceable tax disc securing device for a car windscreen. And before anyone comments, yes I know that you can get a smart anodized aluminium holder from Amazon (“…This tax disc holder features a unique slot design that makes inserting the tax disc certificate a very simple task. Simply slide out the clear plastic retainer, insert the tax disc and then push the plastic inserter back into the slot. Changing the tax disc is very quick and easy with no need for allen keys and unscrewing bolts…” – doesn’t sound so simple, does it, with plastic inserters and retainers? It sounds a bit surgical), but I’m not going to pay nearly thirteen quid a gadget that is functionally equivalent to an envelope or something that you can get for nothing from the Mayor of London.

Hang on. You don’t have to display a congestion charge disc… Why do we need to display tax discs at all? I paid the tax online, the government checked that my vehicle was roadworthy and insured in less than 10 seconds and now they have an equally accessible online record that it is taxed. The vehicle registration plate can be read automatically and all the online records can be checked before I’ve even changed gear… Who needs to look at the little disc in the windscreen?

I shall write to Prime Minister and suggest that he can save some money on disc distribution. Then he can buy another bank if he wants.

6 Responses to “Slipped disc”

  1. 1 jaytay

    There was a DVLA advert a few years ago saying they didn’t need to see your car to know if it was taxed or not yet it’s an offence to not display a valid tax disc if you have one, a £30 on the spot fine is yours for taking should anyone want to try it.

  2. 2 jaytay

    Also, I feel I have to comment on the “possibly” related posts:

    Making Car Tax Easier – OK, that’s related.
    Tax disc holder – Yup, this too.
    You know you’ve had a baby when… – Wait a minute…, what on earth do tax discs have to do with babies?
    Forza Motorsport 3 will ship on two discs – Now you’re just being silly.

  3. 3 Camilla

    Jim, you obviously didn’t click on the links. “You know you’ve had a baby when…” is a blog post from someone who had a baby, bought a tax disc, slipped it in their trouser pocket and then washed the trousers after the baby was sick down them. And the disc dissolved. What could be more relevant?

    I have a rather nice magnetic tax disc holder from halfords,

    I can’t remember what sticks it to the screen (glue?) but the point is that the outer ring stays stuck forever, then the disc goes on top of it and then the back holds the whole lot together by the magic of magnets. It cost £3.

  4. 4 alexoutside

    Jaytay – hmm a 30 quid fine makes the 12.99 disc holder from Amazon look like a more reasonable investment. But I’m tempted to go to Halfords for a cheapo clone.

    The automatically generated ‘related’ posts always intrigue me. They sometimes deserve a post in their own right, but that would get too recursive (related posts on a posting about related posts etc).

    Camilla – are you on commission? Good thinking.

  5. 5 Becky Stafford

    My other half always asks me to change the tax disc over because it’s on my side of the car! it’s one of those evil plastic one’s that after a few times of peeling it off it doesn’t want to stick anymore.

  6. 6 Amanda

    Well, it may be that we of the Antipodes are considered as backward cousins in most trends, but at last!!…. I do believe that there moves afoot already for us here to be rid of those pesky ‘rego’ stickers (we just have the adhesive version straight on the windscreen). Yes, they have figured out that they already have the information. Bright, they are.

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